Welcome to the Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat LINKS page.

Artists and creative web sites.

Abby Denson
My friend and collaborator on Let's Audio. She is a great comic artist, writer, bass player for Mz .Pakman and all around wonderful person.

Marthe Jocelyn
An artist and writer of excellent books for young readers who I have know for many years. Thoughtful, playful, finely crafted, lovely.

David Horvath
A nice guy who was inspired by my work and has gone on to create his own mini empire of wild characters like Uglydoll.

Miki Amano
A talented young artist illustrator pulling out the threads of beauty and disorder.

bendablerubber.com - My friend Aaron Stewart is a great illustrator, animator and web site artist. We worked together on animation for "irrational" and Shonen Knife's video "Chinese Disco". His web site is a lot of fun.

Jelene Morris
Jelene is a painter who was inspired by my work, among others. Her web site is great, and you can buy her happy well produced original paintings right from her online gallery at really reasonable prices. Go Jelene!

Fun personal positive energy design and illustration.

Emily XYZ - Emily is a poet, songwriter, and performance artist I have known since the 80's. She is an activist, and has always had something to say. Great web site.

Kit Allen
Kit is a poet and an artist creating a hopeful world with a little sadness and childlike passion.

John Dolan
Since my days in elementary school with him John has been a star. Now he is one of the most sought after portrait and fashion photographers in the world.

Mike Ventura
Since my days in high school with him Mike has been a great guy taking great pictures. Now he specializes in gorgeous travel landscapes.

Funky Foods
Another pal from high school, Eric Lefcowitz is a writers and has this amazing web business where he sells all kids of... funky foods - like Space Food Sticks!

urumadelvi.com - These two Japanese artists are a husband and wife team who make the most wacky and outrageous animations and designs. In 1994 they worked with me on the crazy, totally original Japanese TV show "UgoUgoLhuga". Their web site is in Japanese, but be patient and hunt around for the animations. Wild!

Lisa Goldfarb
Another artist working in the world of whimsical deities and escaped lizards.

News and information.

The Department of Peace
This is the greatest idea an American politician ever had. Our hero Dennis Kucinich is starting this historic legislation. Get involved!

Peaceful Tomorrows
This important web site is created by a group who actually lost family members in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. They want peace - not revenge.

United for Peace and Justice
This site is a great place to find out where and when the Peace Movement will be gathering, and what kinds of event and actions are planned.



Bands, musicians and radio.

WFMU is an independent freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 fm in the New York City area that I listen to as much as possible. Their shows stream on the web too, so you can listen anywhere on earth.

Confidential Recordings
This cool record label has just published two great compilation albums called "Songs From Inside the Radio". Wacky kids music and I did the album cover art, and volume 2 contains "Super Hero Me" by Let's Audio!

The Flaming Lips - My favorite rock band. They started out in the eighties as a noisy guitar band, then they had a crazy novelty hit in the 90 called "She Don't Use Jelly". Now they have matured into something brilliant, sensitive, profound, explosive, sad, happy, funny.

building a religion of race car ya-yas

of Montreal
Neuropsychological childlike romantic story telling epic love songs.

Shonen Knife - I was such a huge fan of this band that I wrote to them and asked if I could ever do one of their album covers. Lucky for me they had seen my work in Japan and were fans of mine. I did the artwork for their 2000 CD "Strawberry Sound". They rock on, and get smarter, sweeter and more adventurous on each new release.

They Might Be Giants - I met John and John in 1985, when they asked me to do the artwork for their first album. It was one of my first illustration jobs ever. I have always felt a connection between their music and my artwork. Still funny, quirky, personal, original rock.

When I first heard this band in the 1980's I knew there was hope for us suburban mutants.

Music and record label by Japanese electronic musician Nobukazu Takemura. Hard to describe, tentative hypnotic, broken, funny, fragmented, small, and include a group of innovative collaborators who make similar but oddly different music.

Guided By Voices

Laurie Anderson

Built To Spill

Mouse On Mars