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Welcome to the website of the artist Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat, world famous for his whimsical and engaging artwork. At the age of three he began drawing and painting, and his big break came in 1970, when at the age of 10 he was given the opportunity to illustrate the cover of his elementary school parent teacher's association handbook. Years later, after moving to New York City, his wacky colorful sculptures and paintings became an integral part of the ballooning East Village Art scene of the 1980s, where he had several one person shows at the legendary Gracie Mansion Gallery. In 1985 his large sculpture "Ark of Triumph" was featured in the prestigious Whitney Museum Biennial exhibition. In the 1990's Rodney's experimentation with the then novel personal computer led him to the production of interactive CD-ROMs and then to the video game industry. He became the artistic force behind the best selling game for Sony Playstation called "Parappa The Rapper." This led to a whole line of popular consumer products distributed in Japan, and a weekly animated television series also in Japan. Rodney has now become known as one of the worlds top character designers, with his original character franchise "Thunder Bunny" still popular in Japan. Rodney has worked on advertising and illustration projects for some of the worlds most respected companies including Sony, Toyota, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and currently in Japan with Dentsu agency and Japan Railroad Kyushu. A student of Roshi Enkyo O'Hara at the Village Zendo Zen center in New York City, he has received the Buddhist name "Musho" and continues to make joyous and expressive artwork.

New WEB SITE! 21st Century!
Fazing out this great old home page for a new dynamic blog type of site. Now you read about what's happening at the Center For Advanced Whimsy, comment and interact with Rodney's artworks, and link to your favorite social media sites. Visit an all new shop site too! HERE!


New Show of Paintings at BCB ART in Hudson NY
My show at BCB Gallery in Husdon is over, but you can see all the work that were featured here.

Rodney Music on
Now you can listen to or purchase Rodney's two full length music CDs on INNERWISHIN from 2007 and NUTHATCH from 2010 (NEW RELEASE). Both albums are self produced and self released with no intention of success. Read more about them here. Listen here.
Let's Go Fukushima! Artwork for Fukushima Cho TV
Digital artwork made for Fukushima Cho TV for their 2013 Revival Festival. Fukushima prefecture in Japan is the site of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power generation plant disaster. Fukushima Cho TV is a local station who's directors asked RG to create this illustration full of Fukushima's attractions for their Gigantic Photo Mosaic Project at the festival, where a giant print of the illustration is digitally tiled with of thousands of photos sent to the station from all over the world. See or download a larger version here.
New Paintings 2012 - 13
Please enjoy my latest paintings from March 2012 until January 2013. They are acrylic on canvas with gold and silver paints with wooden Karma Coins. These new works are an exploration of my no-understanding of the Buddha Dharma, and trying to create a fresh fruit vision of the great legacy of Buddhist art. A show will be coming in fall of 2013. View them here.

Here is a link to a character design and illustration job I did for POCKY super famous GLICO candy product in Japan. I made six new characters for a special Valentines Day box edition. The design are for the back of the boxes and feature little punch outs so the character's arms pop out to hold a stick of candy. All the cool kids in Japan might be eating POCKY. Available EVERYWHERE in Japan January - February 2013. Maybe some import boxes will head to Europe and US. I hope so!

Parappa Battle
My super famous Playstation game character Parappa The Rapper from the 1990's has made a bit of a comeback in a new (fall 2012) game for PS3 called "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale" It is a wild fighting game where all kinds of characters from Playstation's game history come together to fight it out. You can see in this clip from the package art, the kind of characters Parappa has to try to beat up. While many of the charcters have terrifying realistic weapons, Parappa has to try to clobber foes with his cartoon skateboard. The game has received pretty good reviews. Will there be a new Parappa game on the horizon? I don't know. Let's hope this game inspires Sony re-visit the greatness of Parappa.