Welcome to the Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat PJ BERRI and SWEETY BANCHA TOY pages that are about plush dolls from KID ROBOT

PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha Plush Dolls
It all started when genius artist friend Aaron Stewart introduced me to the genius people of the super edgy innovative KID ROBOT toy store. Mr. Paul Bunditz the founder of Kid Robot had been a fan of my work for a long time! Immediately I thought I would design weird plastic toys like they have at KID ROBOT, but no! Mr. Paul Bunditz said "plush!" Then themes of cuteness waddle happily across the playground of my thought. Paul asked if we could reproduce one of my most precious toys that was made in Japan in the 1990's, a special edition PJ Berri doll make by Sony. So I said yes, and went to work on a new version, plus an all new doll to be PJ's companion. This new doll is also an existing character named Sweety Bancha. So the KID ROBOT team worked hard even using the same factory in China that made the original 90's doll. The new PJ and Sweety went into the Kid Robot stores in July 2010. They cost $29.95 which I think is a reasonable price for such well constructed and detailed dolls. You can buy PJ and Sweety from the KID ROBOT website, or even better visit their stores in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and London.

From PJ Berri
Hi. My name is PJ Berri. I am a friend of Parappa the Rapper. You probably know him because he got famous. He's not so famous now. Well he is still an OK guy. I'm hungry. I wish I had a few donuts or maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now instead of sitting here trying to type on Rodney's funky website. Or maybe I should call him Musho that's funky too. It's hard to type with big furry paw hands with no fingers. Sometimes I have fingers. It's weird being a cartoon character. Some people ask me if I'm naked or wearing a suit. I don't know. The other night at the club some cat comes up to me and says are you naked? I was wearing sunglasses so that was a dumb question which I ignored. Lately I've been hanging out with Sweety Bancha. She kind of drives me crazy, but for some reason we are always hanging out. She is cute even though she is always asking me too many questions. I love to sleep.

From Sweety Bancha
Dear Readers,
It's truly a pleasure to be newly available to the whole wide wondrous world! Being a plush doll is a privilege for which I am forever grateful! As you may know I am a bit of a writer myself, hoping one day to publish my sweeping story of dream chasing cartoon lovers in "Abandon of The Untamed Love!" The hero of my story is based on my boyfriend PJ Berri. I've had to make him a little more heroic in my book, compared to how he is in "real" life, but even so, he is way cute! I had my first crush on him in high school when I saw him spinning records at Club Fun. We live near each other too, so it wasn't long before we realized our true destiny of love! I want to tell all you wonderful people out there all about my dreams and aspirations. I love you all very much! Thank you, Thank you! XOXO SweetyB