Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat BCB GALLERY 2013

My recent paintings are a product of my fascination with Buddhist imagery and reflect my limited understanding of Zen, to whatever limit it can be understood. These serious matters are then blended with brightly colored cartoon craziness, and what emerges is just my way of looking at the world.

The characters, places and objects that populate my paintings are all symbolic and referential, and they have meaning, either specific or vague. In some cases I have written text on the painting to clarify.

The title for the show comes from a short teaching by twelfth century Chinese Zen master Hongzhi Zenji, called The Wonder Verified and Fulfilled. First I must see for myself that the world is a place of unexplainable wonders, and then actualize this vision for the benefit of all beings.

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Opening Saturday October 12 2013, at BCB ART in Hudson New York. The opening is from 6 to 8pm.

BCB Gallery is located at 116 Warren Street in Hudson NY. From New York City you can take Amtrak from Penn Station to Hudson. It is a two hour ride along the Hudson River. From the Hudson station you can walk about ten minutes from the station to the gallery.

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